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“Make it easier.”

Fundamentals of  Learning

any new language

Things that will make learning Latin easier

A good understanding of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs,

prefixes and suffixes

Knowing the difference between translation and interpretation.

A translation or translator, is a conversion of/or converts written material to another language.

An interpretation or interpreter is a conversion of/or converts spoken material to another  language.


"Stephanus bene 'se habet'"

A translator would be more literal. "Stephanus  'holds himself' well".

An interpreter would be more poetic "Stephanus is  'feeling' well".

This can be confusing for beginners when they see two varying accounts for the same sentence.

However, both accounts are correct,

"holding" being a mental verb not a physical verb.

This is better understood in the sentence

"How are you holding up" and "How are you feeling".

Having the ability to flip from translation to interpretation will be  a great advantage when learning a new language.

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