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About. is an Idea.

We hope to encourage "well being" through the application of logic.

Creative thinking in stories, animation and friendly debate.

Our belief is everyone is equal.


No one person or group should hold dominion over another.

Within Yo-Dude, political ideologies are redundant,

as we are all equal.



Is American English slang for an individual, typically male. From the 1870s to the 1960s, dude primarily meant a person who dressed in an extremely fashionable manner (a dandy) or a conspicuous citified person who was visiting a rural location, a "city slicker". In the 1960s, dude evolved to mean any male person, a meaning that slipped into mainstream American slang in the 1970s. Current slang retains at least some use of all three of these common meanings. (Wikipedia).

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